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Environmental Policy 2017-05-18T15:15:38-04:00

At Online Signs Direct we recognize that our business activities have an effect on the environment. We endeavor where feasible to re-use, recycle and minimize our impact and the impact of the products we manufacture.

Our manufacturing facility is switching over to energy saving lighting and our processes are constantly reviewed and updated with the latest and most efficient equipment available.

Our large format printers now use only “Eco Solvent” inks that yield the highest quality results yet have a significantly lower environmental cost than previous processes.


Our paper print manufacturing offers recycled paper products containing recovered fibers and post consumer content. We encourage our customers to take these options where available. Inks are now mainly soy based Eco-friendly with ultra low levels of volatile organics. (Soy inks are also much easier to recycle than petroleum based inks).

Our aggressive waste and recycling programs key in with local municipal recycling programs ensuring that a minimum of waste is generated for landfill and that all recyclable materials go to the designated programs.

We are committed to continuing the process of upgrading our equipment with an eye to lowering energy use and shrinking our environmental footprint.

At Online Signs Direct we are always aware that the future of our environment depends on the choices we make today. We encourage our customers to take the “greener” choices where available.